Panther Band Booster Club

The Panther Band Booster Club is an essential element for the success of the Somerset Academy Band Program. The Band booster club consist of several hardworking band parents who are willing to volunteer and contribute to the band in any way possible. Some duties of the Panther Band Booster Club are: fundraising, snow cone selling after school to students,  selling concessions at concerts and football games,  building props, setting up props and bringing them/unloading them at competition sites, adjusting band uniforms, donating materials and raising money for the band,etc. Without the committed Panther Band Booster Club the band would not be where it is today! We appreciate every individual who has helped the band program in some shape or form and we encourage all band parents to become involved and join the Panther Band Booster Club. For any questions or concerns please contact Panther Band Booster Club President, Sofi Rodriguez at


The Somerset Panther Band Boosters are looking for new sponsors this year. If you know of someone in the community that would like their business or a product they sell advertised on our campus as well as our website please contact Danita Aguayo.