Penny Wars!

Thank you for a fun and successful fundraiser to the band students! All sections had a playful rivalry during this fundraiser. Thanks to all the  band students efforts we have raised about $620. The winning section was: Brass! All sections received a special treat for their participation, though brass received something a little bigger as their treat. Goooo panthers!

 Penny Wars is a competitive fundraiser between all the sections in the band. Every camp, each section had  a designated bottle to fill with pennies! All the money goes towards the program, raising funds and taking away the pennies found in your couches and in the back of your drawers! The section to have the most pennies wins, but there is a twist! A sections can another more successful section by putting in dollars or silver coins to eliminate the value of pennies the competing section brings. For example if a section has 100 pennies in their bottle another section just needs to put a dollar for those pennies to no longer count and make their balance at 0 and give the other section a chance of winning! The students love the friendly rivalry and we have already raised over $200 just from the June band camp alone! The section to have raised the most pennies (without being negated by the silver coins or dollars from other sections) wins a special prize!