Throughout the school year there are fundraisers for band students, parents and friends to participate in.

For any questions or concerns about fundraisers or sponsorships please contact Panther Band Boosters or the band director!

All Fundraiser dates are posted on the home page calendar. The Somerset Band Program highly encourages you to support the band program and band students by trying your best to participate in these fundraisers.


Pollo Tropical Cards!

These cards are only $5 are have TONS of delicious savings! These cards are being sold for $5 in the band room NOW! The profits made are going to this years props!


Penny Wars!

Thank you for a fun and successful fundraiser to the band students! All sections had a playful rivalry during this fundraiser. Thanks to all the  band students efforts we have raised about $620. The winning section was: Brass! All sections received a special treat for their participation, though brass received something a little bigger as their treat. Goooo panthers!

 Penny Wars is a competitive fundraiser between all the sections in the band. Every camp, each section had  a designated bottle to fill with pennies! All the money goes towards the program, raising funds and taking away the pennies found in your couches and in the back of your drawers! The section to have the most pennies wins, but there is a twist! A sections can another more successful section by putting in dollars or silver coins to eliminate the value of pennies the competing section brings. For example if a section has 100 pennies in their bottle another section just needs to put a dollar for those pennies to no longer count and make their balance at 0 and give the other section a chance of winning! The students love the friendly rivalry and we have already raised over $200 just from the June band camp alone! The section to have raised the most pennies (without being negated by the silver coins or dollars from other sections) wins a special prize!

Panther Marching Band Raffle

On August 9th at our end of the Summer Annual Band Parent Dinner we picked out the three prize winners! This raffle was such a success and we have to thank all of those who participated in one way or another. This fundraiser brought almost $4,000 towards the states trip! Let’s keep it up panthers! Thank you for your support and participation!

As this was part of our goal of being able to pay for the States trip in November, each member received a booklet of 12 tickets. With every ticket have costed $5.00 (60.00 for each booklet.) The raffle was drawn August 9th at our end of the Summer Annual Band Parent Dinner. All sold tickets were due August 5th, 2013.

Prizes were:

1- 50″ LG Plasma TV

2- iPad Mini 16GB

3- $50.00 GIFT CARD

The band members who sold any of the winning tickets recieved win 2 movie tickets to the theater of their choice.

***Important: All band members needed to write their name on the Seller’s ticket space provided on the ticket, as well as on the back of the short stub of the ticket. The buyers will keep the long stub of their ticket, and students will need to turn in all of the short stubs to one of the band parents who are in charge/ participating to help in the fund raiser.

“”” Winners did not have to be present at the Dinner to win



Summer Annual Band Parent Dinner

The Panther Marching Band had  their first 2013 Marching Band performance on Friday August 9th, 2013 at 7. Tickets were $8 per person to enjoy the performance of the school Alma Mater sang by the band and movements 1-3 of the marching band show ‘The House’  All money raised went toward the 2013 Marching Season. Thank you for inviting family, alumni, and friends to support what is just the beginning of an incredible new chapter to come! During the annual band parent dinner the names of those given the three prizes from our recent raffle were picked from our many raffle ticket participants. We had a great crowd as our band family reunited in preparation of an upcoming marching season. Thanks especially to all the band mothers who helped prepare, decorate and serve for the dinner! Go Panthers!

20/20 Fundraiser

Thank you for outstanding participation during the 20/20 fundraiser! We have raised almost $2,000 in donations thanks to your hard work and generous donors! For the students that participated money collected will go towards their last band fee- for participation in FMBC State Competition! Let’s go panthers!

This marching band season we are incorporated a fundraiser that has been a huge success for several programs at Somerset Academy called the 20/20 fundraiser. This fundraiser is so simple it will knock you socks off! A letter will be written personally for each student so they can send a letter to 20 people who may be able to donate $10.00 or more to the program. Every donation is accepted and appreciated, but the goal is to raise as much possible with this fundraiser. All the students have to do is collect 20 FULL addresses of friends, family members and businesses (smaller ones recommended) that may consider donating. The addresses will be collected by the Booster Club. The Panther Band Booster Club will send out all the envelopes.  Money donated will then be sent back to the program and used to pay for our state trip. Money made will be divided by the  number of marching band members and that number will be deducted from the final band payment of $150.00 for the state/Busch Gardens trip. The money raised will be deducted only from those students who participate in this fundraiser, which is MANDATORY.  Forms have already been collected and the letters have been sent! We will have more information during July camp regarding the success of the fundraiser, etc.

Thank you again for a spectacular success!

Thank you to all participants of this fundraiser for making it another tasty success!

Thanks for your support during our first fundraiser of the 2013-2014 Marching Band Season as we sold Pollo Tropical Smart Savings Cards. Last year this fundraiser was a huge, tasty success and we need to thank you for making  it even better this year! All band students were very recommended to sell at least 4 cards. These cards are $5 each and have more than over 50 dollars worth of savings on them  including several buy one get one free specials, buy one get one half off specials and other great savings!   Every purchase was greatly appreciated!  All the money made went towards the props for the marching band show design and states trip along with all the other fundraisers this year so we thank everyone who put all their effort and sell as much as possible so we can make this year a great success! Thank you for your support and participation!”


The Somerset Panther Band is looking for new sponsors this year. If you know of someone in the community that would like their business or a product they sell advertised on our campus as well as our website please contact Ketty Molina!

We appreciate your support.